Gator IT Solutions Inc.

Aperto NetworksAperto Networks: is the leading manufacturer of wireless broadband, mobile WiMAX and Enterprise VPN solutions using highly versatile and carrier-grade WiMAX Forum Certified infrastructure equipment. ARC WirelessARC: Manufacturers high quality antennas and antenna systems including cellular tower base station antennas, broadband wireless antennas, mobile antennas for public safety and asset tracking systems. Additionally, ARC manufacturers a line of integrated antenna solutions allowing companies to build their own wireless broadband products.
AvaLan WirelessAvaLAN: Offers some of the industry's most reliable 900MHz (902-928MHz) non-line of sight (NLOS) indoor and outdoor point to point and point to multi-point Ethernet wireless bridges. AvaLAN's products are ideal for; access control, IP surveillance, data gathering, irrigation control, SCADA and digital signage solutions. Compex SystemsCOMPEX: is a distinguished manufacturer of an extensive range of LAN/WAN products. Many of our hardware product feature enhancements are based on COMPEX's proprietary LSI chip and software designs to bring forth high quality, high performance, and ease of integration together to meet all networking requirements.
DbiiDbii Networks: is focused on bringing more innovation to the outdoor wireless market as is evident by our recent release of the PRO series radios. Using our PRO series radios, now users can deploy and protect their wireless networks. DeliberantDeliberant: offers a complete line of dependable high-speed wireless equipment and accessories and has been providing WISPs with the proven technology and the expertise they need to stay ahead of the competition.
Digital LoggersDigital Loggers (DLI): Manufacturers reliable, power management, power control and recording systems. DLI's products are ideal for remote site monitoring, remote power rebooting and recording of network system devices. E-BandE-Band: Manufacturers the industry's highest performance 4G wireless backhaul solutions offering speeds of 320Mbps full duplex in the 60GHz license free band and 1.25 Gbps in the 70/80GHz licensed frequency ranges. E-Band's advantage is their exclusive long-term field of use agreement with Northrop Grumman Corporation for its Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit technology.
EnGeniusEnGenius: Provides solution providers with a wide variety of high powered 802.11 a/b/g/n indoor and outdoor WLAN routers, bridges, access points, repeaters, mini-pci cards, PCI-adapters, USB adapters as well as high quality Telephony products. ExtricomExtricom: Offering next generation seamless mobility and true channel reuse through their patented channel blanket WLAN architecture the Extricom solution offers top notch performance for K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, & Warehouse/Logistics applications.
KAM FabricationKam Fab: Providing design and fabrication services to the Austin TX and surrounding area since 1996. Kam Fab produces various stock and custom indoor and outdoor NEMA rated enclosures perfect for the OEM and DIY customer. LairdLaird: Is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of antennas, electromagnetic interference (EMI), telematics and thermal management solutions for the telecommunications, data-communications, computer, general electronics, network equipment, aerospace, defense, automotive and medical equipment industries.
LigoWaveLigoWave: products are developed with the carrier-grade customer in mind. By empowering cutting edge hardware platforms as well as robust software technology to handle the security and management needs of todays growing wireless infrastructure. Link TechnologiesLink Technologies Inc: Provides outstanding performance with their Power Router Series of products which are based upon a rack mountable PC platform running MikroTik Router OS.
LuxulLuxul: Offers patented antenna technologies which utilize cross polarization to help improve wireless network performance in near to non-line of sight (NLOS) Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID systems. MemorylinkMemory Link: Offering products that allow users to communicate in new and innovative ways, by delivering voice, video, and data over IP links in a reliable and simple fashion while providing improved performance for today's wireless IP networks.
MikroTikMikrotik: has been developing, installing and selling wireless routers since 1995. RouterOS is a Linux-Based router operating system. With many different configurations, Mikrotik offers routers for any ISP, LAN, or WAN project. Moog VideolarmMoog Videolarm:With a culture that fosters innovation, Moog Videolarm has modernized the industry via its long record of introducing an impressive portfolio of products including: the world's first outdoor camera dome, the Bullet-Resistant Deputy Dome™, the self-lowering PolEvator™, the first Pressurized Dome, and a much hailed IP Ready™ line of camera enclosures.
MorningstarMorningstar: Is a world-leading supplier of photovoltaic (PV) controllers and inverters using advanced technology. The products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility. MotorolaMotorola: Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform. Providing Wireless Broadband solutions to CARRIERS, ISP's, Wisps, ENTERPRISE, RURAL COMMUNITIES, Educational, Government Agencies and more.
Wireless BeehiveWB Manufacturing: invented the patented Stinger™ line of antenna products. WB Manufacturing products help WISPs obtain higher performance connections, quicker installations and lower total cost per installation. mWavemWave: Provides commercial off the shelf (COTS) high quality and high performance directional antennas in licensed and unlicensed bands for the fixed wireless broadband and telecommunications industries.
NelloNello Corporation: now manufactures and distributes over 1,000 products ranging from a homeowner's satellite dish support bracket to a 1,500' tall broadcast communications tower. Open-MeshOpen-Mesh: creates ultra plug & play wireless mesh network solutions that spread an Internet connection throughout an apartment complex, hotel, home, village or neighborhood.
PanopticPanoptic Technology: A main focus to develop and enhance technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands of business both today and in the future. Panoptic Technology optimizes technology migration by developing solutions that maximize performance. PolyPhaserPolyPhaser: Through innovative RF engineering and manufacturing PolyPhaser provides surge protection technology used for coaxial RF and grounding protection that virtually assures uninterrupted communications flow of data and information through global networks.
ProximProxim: Providing end to end wireless broadband solutions that deliver the triple play of data, voice, & video for organizations interested in WLAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, and Point to Point technologies. RadioWavesRadiowaves: Offers the most diverse range of high quality microwave antenna products in the world. Radiowaves antennas are utilized in unlicensed ISM, UNII 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, 802.16d, 802.16e WiMAX point to point and point to multi-point systems.
Radwin North AmericaRadwin: Delivers the industry's leading Telco-grade TDM and Ethernet wireless backhaul solutions in the sub 6GHz space. Radwin's solutions meet the requirements for WISP's, Integrators, B2B, Telco's, Educational 2.5GHz license holders, 4.9GHz public safety as well as a wide variety of other vertical niches. RenasisRenasis: Specializes in amplifiers, access points, cables, antennas and a variety of wireless accessories. Experts in the innovation and implementation of wireless technology, OEM/ODM services to a growing number of premier manufacturers.
RF ElementsRF-Elements: wireless accessories include outdoor weatherproof enclosures, wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz antennas, antenna mounts, mounting brackets, and passive power over ethernet (Passive PoE) solutions. SecurAlignSecurAlign: The sturdy and unique design of the SecurAlign Reflectors provides the best in durability and service quality. All products are built with powder coated galvanized steel to ensure they will reliably withstand the outdoor elements.
ShireenShireen Inc.: develops and manufactures a wide range of RF components for computer networking applications including: RF modules (mixers, comparators), bi-directional amplifiers, frequency converters & accessories. WiliGearWILIGEAR: stands for Wireless Linux GEAR. WILIGEAR is a part of Wilibox Deliberant group, offering wireless networking hardware platforms, tools and embedded software.
TeletronicsTeletronics: Providing a complete line of products and solutions for high speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, frequency converters, WLAN bridges, and Wireless Routers since 1986. TiltekTIL-TEK: is a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality antenna products.
TranstectorTranstector: Providing a complete approach for the protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power surges. Products include AC, DC, highs speed data and signal protection, EMP, EMI filters, power conditions, & UPS and power distribution units. TranzeoTranzeo: Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing WIFI and Wimax based Point-Point, and Point to Multi-point outdoor solutions. They are known for their rugged designs and 5 year warranties.
Tycon Power SystemsTycon Power: Offering specialized alternative power systems which use renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, and hydro power. Many solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of wireless broadband and communication services providers. UbiquitiUbiquiti: Worldwide leader in high performance, broadband wireless solutions. The company's products include the Bullet™, NanoStation™, Rocket™ and complete line of Airmax products. The core of all UBNT products is the AirOS operation system and Frequency Freedom which allows for products at 100MHz to 10GHz.
Vecima NetworksVecima: Vecima Networks Inc. a public company (TSX:VCM) manufactures wireless and telephony networks equipment. They are a leader in Fixed WIMAX multi-point equipment. Solutions include 3.5, 3.65, and 5GHz. WaveRiderWaveRider: is known for their robust NON-LINE-OF-SITE (NLOS) 900MHz broadband products. Whether you're building a wireless broadband network to serve an entire community, or serving just a few subscribers, or expanding your existing networks, the WaveRider products will perform.